Edition of 8
Painted bronze
6.5 x 9.5 x 21 cms

Bronze cast of a brick painted to look as real as possible.

Embracing the idea of artist-as-revolutionary, Missile finds Turk produce a side-ways take on the French Situationists. References to their Marxist political slogans “beneath the streets, a beach”, appearing elsewhere in Turk’s work, here it is not the pavement which is being pulled up from the streets and used as a missile to attack the system, but a brick. Transforming an everyday object from the street into art, Missile is a bronze sculpture of a brick made to look real using trompe l’oeil, the brick is an object of construction but, re-contextualised by Turk, also destruction. Meanwhile, it remains unclear whether Turk’s missile is debris from a revolution which has been and gone or a tragic relic from one which never happened.