2011 AD

5 Fired clay items in case
20 x 60 x 120 cms

A fired clay sculpture of a can, a cup, a matchbox, a chip tray and an apple core placed into a reading vitrine and displayed like relics.

A series of terracotta sculptures of discarded objects, 2011 AD includes a compressed coke can, an apple core, a squashed matchbox, a cracked upside down polystyrene cup and a flattened chip tray. A re-cycling of a re-cycling, 2011 AD appropriates Turk’s bronze casts of rubbish, which in turn appropriate rubbish as art. Displayed in a reading vitrine, 2011 AD re-casts everyday objects, which, their purpose having been fulfilled, have been cast away. Dug up and discovered by archaeologists, this modern detritus in turn has become artefacts from the past. Re-contextualised as ethnographical objects denoting the origins of Man, the terracotta clay in which the objects are sculpted signify the birth of design when simple materials were first used to create functional items.