Argon Candle

Edition of 3 with 1 AP
Neon Sculpture on black plinth
340 x 55 x 30 mm

Because neon is a gas, it doesn’t have material form. It’s a toxic vapour made luminous by electrical current; its synthetic glow exudes an alluring power, as if it possesses a magical essence. Neon is often thought of as a very contemporary medium, though its technology has been made obsolete in the digital age; in Turk’s work it represents a portal between future and past via modernism’s unfulfilled aspirations. In art historical paintings, candles were often depicted as memento mori, a symbol of the inevitability of death. Turk’s neon tubing moulded to the shape of a candle is less a sculpture than a container, embodying the ‘eternal flame’ of neon’s supranatural light. Placed in the centre of the gallery, Argon Candle is a focal point which pivots the other works in the exhibition as synthesis and continuum.