Edition of 8 with 2 AP
Green neon
300 mm

All of Turk’s neon motifs were chosen because they are timeless and unfixed: their contemporary meaning is a culmination of civilization’s knowledge, echoing oracular origins. In Renaissance painting, the mathematical application of Phi – characterized by the 21st letter in the ancient Greek alphabet – was used as the model for Golden Ratio compositions. In navigation the Phi symbol denotes latitude; it describes the work function in electronics; in psychoanalysis it represents the phallus; and in philosophy it stands for a generic act. Turk uses this symbol as an all-encompassing and finite statement: as art’s aesthetic ideal, the self-regenerating logic of neon’s energy source, the knowledge and location of self, and triumph of ego. Phi is the basis for Merz’ Fibonacci sequence neon works, which Turk references as a metaphor for artistic progress: each generation surpassing the previous, Turk illuminates Merz, transforming Phi to a claim for authorship and authenticity.