Injuries also occur in the language

Edition of 8 + 2AP
Painted bronze
H120 x W200 x D240 mm

A distressed and deflated football intricately and lovingly recreated in bronze and paint, sits in an art exhibition to now be intellectually kicked about and used to focus our aesthetic aim.

The broken structure once cleverly using pentagons and hexagons to create a spherical globe now starts to become two-dimensional. Its yellow and patterned outside coating is peeling off revealing a canvas fabric underneath and the stitches of its hand made history are now visible.

The finality of the object: it’s been somehow denatured and can’t roll anywhere mixes with a kind of transience as it fuses with all other dysfunctional things queuing up to biodegrade.

The origins of football are obviously illusive but when one uses the computer to research it; England is quick to lay claim to its fact as a sport. Visual art in the UK is often packed together with football; as currently one government office presides over both in the ‘Department for Culture, Media and Sport. ‘

The title of the work contains an obvious transcription issue as the word ‘the’ would not be used ordinarily in this sentence. Here in translation a kind of literary injury has taken place.

This ball itself is a victim of a kind of injury and also the ball formerly would have induced certain physical performance that may well have led to injuries.