Egg shells on canvas
107 x 137 cms

The artists initials spelt out in egg shells on canvas.

One of the Artist’s signature pieces – a theme recurring throughout his work. This is a portrait of his initials in broken white egg shells stuck vertically on the canvas like little receptacles. Another example of art recycling, referring to the egg in pictures by Marcel Broodthaers (himself a Belgian art recycler), who made a series of pictures using empty egg shells stuck randomly or in patterns on the canvas.
The signature is a form of self-portrait addressing the framing of an artwork. It is authorship as subject. The acronym: a shorthand for a more complex idea. Initials are the beginning, the letter beginning a word, especially a name.
The egg is a birth and death form. The generation of all personality and all ideas, the white shells selected give a ghostly and spooky tone to a picture which would have been completely different with the familiar speckled brown of the breakfast boiled hens egg. Eggs are a completely unique natural form, a shape recognizable with a single line drawing. The artist made a giant egg form in neon to brand the outside of the New Art Gallery, Walsall for his show ‘Copper Jubilee’ in 2002. The egg as brand logo: on the spine of his catalogues, signing eggs instead of books or autograph hunters.