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Extraordinary: Objects & Actions in Contemporary Art - The Lowry

25 July - 18 October 2015
Gallery: The Lowry

Artists have been using everyday objects in their work for over 100 years, turning banal objects into works of art either in their original state or in adapted forms. This playful approach to contemporary art can also be extended to the quintessential everyday object: the human body; an object that we all own and can be used to initiate, create and facilitate creative expression. By working with everyday objects and the human body in this way, artists offer viewers accessible and identifiable ways to engage with contemporary practice.

Via a collection of renowned visual artists including Bruce Nauman, Karina Smigla-Bobinski and Willi Dorner this exhibition will present artworks in an engaging and imaginative way, allowing visitors to interact and contribute to the fabric of the exhibition through selected works while offering further activities and inspiration for families of all ages.