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GT - Jablonka Maruani Mercier Gallery

6 August - 15 September 2016
Gallery: Jablonka Maruani Mercier Gallery

In the continued search for artistic identity the Exhibition GT spotlights a new series of Holy Egg paintings based on Lucio Fontana’s La Fine di Dio from the early 60’s. The exhibition includes various Warholesque works including a live 16mm projected ‘Screen Test’ film.  Also on show are several painted bronze ‘found objects’ most notably American Bag a filled American sized garbage sack. Parked outside the gallery are two bikes ‘de Bois Rond’. The audience will be able to ride the bikes in return for a signed certificate from the artist, declaring the rider a work of art.  
To compliment the exhibition Turk has enlisted esteemed writer and critic Matthew Collings to re-enact with him the 1963 Fontana and Jef Verheyen performance in the house of Louis Bogaerts in Knokke, where it was originally performed.

"If objects gain symbolic powers, can the object be represented and put back in front of the audience in such a way that the process of acquiring value and meaning may be exposed? This is not to nullify meaning or symbolic power but to try to wrestle it free from the cliché of ‘established thought'." Gavin Turk