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Turkish Tulips - Museum Van Loon

3 March - 28 May 2017
Gallery: Museum Van Loon

Museum Van Loon has invited Gavin Turk (1967) to curate the exhibition Turkish Tulips. Turk presents a transhistorical dialogue between contemporary art and the history of the Van Loon family. The family already traded with the Ottoman Empire (present-day Turkey) in the sixteenth century. These early trade routes inspired Turk to examine the trading route of the tulip from Turkey to the Netherlands. The Van Loon family has chosen the moor as a symbol for their trading with the East, which can be seen on the family coat-of-arms. Gavin Turk has chosen the tulip to symbolise these trading routes. Together with The House of Fairytales, Turk has invited a group of fellow international artists to show their work – with the tulip as a main symbol – alongside Turk’s new work.