These publications are the major solo publications about Gavin Turk.

The bibliography will become a complete list of journals and articles where Gavin's work has been cited.



  • In Memorium
    Peter Jenkinson, Robert Burstow and Deborah Robinson
  • Gronningen
    Finn Mickelborg
  • This is Modern Art
    Matthew Collings
  • 6th International Istanbul Biennale
    Fulya Erdemci
  • Mode of Art
    Catrin Backhaus
  • Now It's My Turn to Scream. Works by Contemporary British Artists from the Logan Collection
    Rogar Bevan
  • Distinctive Elements Contemporary British Art Exhibition
    Alex Farquharson
  • UK Maximum Diversity
    Brian Muller
  • Who's Afraid of Red White & Blue. Attitudes to popular and mass culture celebrity alternative and critical cultical practice and identity politics in recent British art
    David Burrows (ed.)
  • Signature Pieces. Contemporary British Prints and Multiples
    Marco Livingstone
  • Spit Fire: Photographs from the Artworld
    Shand Kydd Johnnie
  • Blimey! From Bohemia to Britpop: The London Artworld from Francis Bacon to Damien Hirst
    Matthew Collins
  • Breaking the Mould. British Art of the 1980s and 1990s (The Weltkunst Collection)
    Marshall Catherine (ed.) Richard Cork and Penelope Curtis
  • Moving Target: A Users Guide to British Art Now
    Louisa Buck
  • Seventeen
  • Artisti Britannici a Roma
    Mario Codognato
  • Private View
    Robert Hopper, Elizabeth Conran, Veit Gorner and Penelope Curtis
  • Contemporary British Art in Print Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh
    Patrick Elliott
  • Mito
    Operat 95
  • Group Exhibition
    Marcconi Gio